Catapult Retail Point of Sale

Catapult Retail Point of Sale harnesses the latest point-of-sale technology to help ensure that you have the control of your day-to-day operations that you demand. Your customers will appreciate the benefits this technology brings to them – faster and more accurate checkouts – resulting in greater customer satisfaction. You’ll be amazed at the richness of Catapult’s POS feature set, which comes from years of experience meeting the needs of retailers just like you.

Unified Transaction Logic

Catapult Retail POS employs a “Unified Transaction Logic” which allows you to perform the same transaction, no matter how complex, any place, any way, and any time your customers want to transact. With Catapult your point of sale, self-checkout terminals, web orders, and even smartphone apps share the same transaction business logic.

What does that mean?

It means your discounts, dynamic promotions, rewards programs, and everything else, work the same, across the board. No matter how your customers transact with you, one platform processes it all. It’s a competitive game changer and your customers will love you for it.

Retail Touchpoints

In today’s retail market, the walls that once separated digital and physical retail players are coming down fast; to be competitive in tomorrow’s market you must be both. With a transaction platform powered by Unified Transaction Logic™ you can begin engaging your customers where they are — everywhere.

  • Traditional Point of Sale
  • Autonomous Self-Checkout
  • Mobile POS
  • RAPTOR Accelerated Checkout
  • WebCart Click & Collect 2.0
  • Complementary Service Options

Traditional Point of Sale


Catapult was designed from the ground up with versatility in mind. To protect the integrity of transactions, each touchpoint is fully redundant. No matter where a transaction takes place, that touchpoint will continue to operate independently, immune to events of network failure.

Transaction Auto-Resume

If a transaction is interrupted due to power loss or other unforeseen circumstance, when the terminal reboots, the transaction automatically resumes.

Automatic Software Updates and Delivery – Stream™

Facilitates automatic updates on a user-defined schedule.

Streamlined POS Screens

Elevate and streamline your point of sale operations by digitizing your check out. Increase the productivity, speed, and quality of the checkout experience for your customers and your associates with Catapult’s unified commerce platform.

Customizable Receipts

Customers are offered the option of paper receipts, eReceipts, or virtual receipts accessible from the customer account history. Receipts are customizable to accommodate the retailer’s branding and messaging.

Frictionless Commerce

Your customer demands it, and Catapult delivers. Everything from hassle free e-coupons to streamlining payments.

Integrated Payment Processing

Eliminate errors, reduce theft and fraud, and reduce the paperwork burden with integrated credit and debit and gift card. Catapult supports a variety of Canadian payment processors.

Self-Hosted Gift Card, Membership, and Loyalty

Catapult offers a full-spectrum solution for gift cards, membership management, and customer loyalty, within the Catapult retail automation suite. All of these functionalities can be easily executed at the POS.

Real Time Data

Your POS, inventory, and enterprise management data all work seamlessly in Catapult platform, in real time.

Full Featured

Integrated payments, customer loyalty, offline functionality, and customizable receipts.

Industry Focused

Catapult can be catered to handle varied market needs like fuel pump management and pharmacy system integration.

Certified Platform

Catapult is properly certified for retail use in Canada, including PA-DSS and Canada Weights & Measure.

Biometric Scanning

At the press of a finger, cashiers can login, managers can perform overrides, customers can make payments (without credit cards or cash), collect points for loyalty programs, and apply e-coupons.

Additional Features

Gift cards, exchanges, layaways, voids, returns, in-house charge accounts, commissions.

Generated Functions

Catapult was the first POS to allow you to generate an unlimited number of tenders, discounts, paid ins and outs, item and customer lookups, tax tables, and many other features.

Fresh Food / Bulk Item Processing with ScaleAware

This patent-pending feature expedites the processing of weighted items at the point of sale by eliminating keystrokes. When this option is turned on, if the POS detects a settled weight on the scale, it automatically displays the produce/bulk menu for the cashier, rather than forcing them manually press buttons each time a weighted item must be rung in.

Autonomous Self-Checkout

Providing a customer-centric transaction experience is critical in today’s competitive retail market — but so is the bottom line. With a friendly and engaging automated self-checkout system, retailers can focus on both.

Reduced Lines and Labour Cost

Redeploy single-lane cashiers into customer engagement roles, allowing them to focus on checkout guidance and upselling.

Prompt Customer Assistance

Store personnel receive mobile alerts when a shopper needs assistance or a checkout terminal has an issue.

“Walk Away” Detection

Patented feature senses when a customer has abandoned a transaction and after a countdown the sale is voided and recorded.

Item Weight Security

Catapult learns the weight of merchandise in your store when scanned. Weights are recorded and replicated to every store in the enterprise.

Multi-Item Scanning

Consumers can scan and bag two items at once with our patented AmbDex technology, resulting in a faster, more natural checkout while also having fewer false bag weight security interruptions.

Mobile POS

Offering convenience, versatility, and power in an on-the-go package, Catapult mobile POS is as capable as a traditional lane. With our mobile POS solution, retailers will be able to process transactions on the sales floor, complete sales on sidewalks, and line-bust during those busy sales days.

No Connection Required

Seamlessly redundant POS allows user to continue a transaction whether in or out of Cell or Wi-Fi range. The system automatically syncs up, sending completed transactions up and bring new pricing down, as soon as the connection is re-established.

Portable Convenience

Cashiers can process sales from anywhere in the store, alleviating long lines. Mobility allows for use in sidewalk sales or special events.

Receipt Options

Customer receipts can be printed, stored within a customer’s account, or e-mailed.

RAPTOR Accelerated Checkout

RAPTOR is the world’s fastest checkout experience. RAPTOR’s Accelerated Checkout technology utilizes a 360-degree scan tunnel, combined with a streamlined cabinet, and powerful Catapult software working behind the scenes.

Unrivaled Speed

RAPTOR’s checkout experience offers unparalleled speed.

Upgraded POS Lanes

Sleek cabinet design allows for drop in replacement of traditional POS lanes.

“Upgraded Customer Guidance” Detection

Patented display projects directly onto the conveyor belt to guide customers swiftly through their transaction.

Agile Automated Item Scanning

17 cameras capture item barcodes from any angle; image recognition auto-learns items.

Patented Automated Exception Management

Alerts cashier to any items not scanned and auto-stages items, reducing the need for the cashier to interrupt the scan flow.

Web Cart Click and Collect

Catapult WebCart is a revolutionary click-and-collect solution that empowers brick and mortar stores to step seamlessly into the digital realm. Whether online or in-store, shoppers will be getting a gratifying experience that will keep them coming back.

Perfect Data

Real time inventory synchronization between “brick” locations and “click” storefronts prevents oversells, price discrepancies, and missed sales opportunities.

Simple Payment Options

After submitting orders through WebCart, shoppers can pay for their goods securely online, in-store, or at the drive thru.

Advanced Recommendation Algorithm

Suggest items based on shopper preferences, past orders, current item promotions, and health/local item attributes.

Efficient Order Picking

The PickAssist order processing tool shows your attendants the most efficient path through the store when building an order for shopper pick up.